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03/01/2018 The document 20180301-theintercept__fornsat_technologies_nsa.pdf, learn us which tools use the NSA to process data from INMARSAT satellites.

  • As a reminder, INMARSAT is a company that builds satellites and offers satellite telephony.
  • SEADIVER: collects and processes voice, fax and data transmitted on satellites INMARSAT-III from foreign satellites (IOR: Indian Ocean Region, AOR: Atlantic Ocean Region, POR: Pacific Ocean Region).
  • ZODIACARRAY: a system that targets Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), a VOIP service with speeds up to 492 kbps, it is transmitted on INMARSAT-IV satellites
  • CANYONDUST: a location system for mobile terminals that calculate geolocation in its coverage region on all INMARSATM, mini-M, M4, B and C systems. The coverage region is defined as an area served by at least two INMARSAT satellites.