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07/31/2013 In the document 20130731-theguardian__xkeyscore_training_slides.pdf, we learn

  • The existence of the program XKEYSCORE which is a program which aims to analyze almost any content posted by any person ...
  • Which allows viewing in real time of digital activities of any person
  • This service has 500 servers all around the world!
  • It has an operation described on page 5 of the document such that, as soon as a user makes a request, it is transferred to the servers of XKEYSCORE which transfers this data to other data storage servers. the NSA as F6 HQS, FORNSAT or SSO.
  • We see on page 11 a diagram representing the functioning of XKEYSCORE, with each action of the user, his request is analyzed to understand what information can be extracted from it (connection, email address, telephone numbers, etc. .) then returned to the XKEYSCORE databases, this is, of course, transparent to the end user.
  • We also learn that using encrypted messaging like Signal is considered suspicious by the NSA ...
  • We learn that we can make requests like "Show me all the people who use a VPN in country X and decrypt them"
  • XKEYSCORE keeps in memory all the Google Maps data of the users so that they can trace their movements.
  • We learn that XKEYSCORE can access any Excel document from any machine and can search it
  • It is possible to have access to all vulnerable machines in a country with a simple request X
  • We learn that cell R6 has allowed access to Arabic and Chinese documents (probably) translated
  • XKEYSCORE allows you to follow people using GPRS (telephone networks) and Wifi
  • XKEYSCORE (most likely) allows access to the content of VoIP calls