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09/05/2013 In document 20130905-theguardian__sigint_enabling.pdf, it is reported that under the SIGINT Enabling program the US Secret Service :

  • Inserts vulnerabilities into commercial encrypted systems so they can decrypt the content of those systems
  • Collect data and metadata from "targets" through the cooperation of telecom operators and through their "increased control over core networks".
  • Hack foreign companies to gather information.
  • Influence encryption standards to make them usable
  • Investing heavily in the ability to operate wireless communications
  • Purchase products to do an "internal evaluation" (Reverse engineering)
  • Partner with government agencies or industry to develop technologies deemed of "strategic interest" to the NSA/CSS.
  • Partnering with global telecom operators to expand the U.S. monitoring network
  • Are able to decipher 4G/LTE traffic
  • Influence the global commercial cryptography market to make the advanced cryptanalytical capabilities developed by the NSA/CSS more readily available.