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06/20/2013 In the document 20130620-theguardian__702_minimization_procedures.pdf, we learn that the American secret services can:

  • Collect information about non-American people
  • That in the context of targeted intelligence operations, these data are deleted after 5 years and that the information identified as clearly not the authorized object of the acquisition (for example, the communication does not contain information of foreign information), or, as containing no evidence which could be released in the course of these proceedings, are deleted.
  • Any communication concerning people from the United States can be transmitted to the intelligence services of the intelligence services
  • Any storage medium (hard disk, USB key, etc.) can be entered and analyzed.
  • The information collected by the American intelligence services is deleted within 5 years unless:
    • This information may give information about foreign countries.
    • This information contains evidence of a crime that has been, is or is about to be committed.
    • This information is encrypted or is believed to contain a secret meaning
  • Conversations between or about non-American people may be stored, used and broadcast in any form
  • All this information can be transferred to foreign governments